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12/ 05/02

The Aeffect have snuck up on people this year with their 80's new-wave revival sound that, honestly, isn't really making a comeback.  After a stint on the Warped Tour, their name finally started to surface on message boards and in zines, so by the time the CMJ festival in New York came around, their showcase was the hot ticket.  Take that Bright Eyes!  For better or worse, I decided to have a talk on the old instant messenger with the guys in the band (pictured below), Aaron (right, vocals/guitar), Steve (left, vocals/keyboards) and Brad (center, vocals/drums).  This is what us zine writers call a "journalistic abomination" - so many incomplete sentences!

Kevin: Explain to me why I will NOT be asking you how your band formed or how you got "hooked up with" Fueled By Ramen
Steve: I gave John Janick head for an EP
Brad: Because everyone and their mothers ask that
Aaron: Because it's mundane and you can find it anywhere
Brad: next question!

Kevin: Why are your two new songs so much better than your older ones?
Aaron: Two? There's way more than 2
Kevin: The ones on your site
Steve: We are growing as a band
Kevin: Let me rephrase the question then
Kevin: Why does my sister listen to "Multiplies" on repeat for like 6 hours at a time?
Brad: Some of those EP songs are what 2-3 years old, right dudes?
Steve: Yeah "dude"
Brad: Totally
Steve: We have learned a lot about writing and arranging
Steve: Every song could be a hit or miss
Steve: But overall I think we have improved
Steve: Aaron?
Brad: Plus better equipment
Aaron: That's a good "sum it up"
Aaron: I agree with Steve
Brad: And more debt too
Aaron: haha
Aaron: Debt definitely made us better
Steve: if only we had acquired the debt earlier
Kevin: Then explain some of the better traits of debt
Steve: Brad, this is your thing so go ahead
Aaron: Brad is a business student
Aaron: He knows a lot about debits and credits
Brad: And Steve knows about checks and balances
Steve: Could you answer the question Brad?
Aaron: ouch
Brad: Debt isn't necessarily a bad thing
Kevin: No elaboration on that?
Brad: It's actually good balancing some investments with stock and debt, depending on the situation.
Brad: As far as the Aeffect...
Brad: It's allowed us to experiment with new things like equipment software, avoiding creditors, etc.
Kevin: alright, onto a more pleasant subject then.....

Kevin: How many stuffed animals do each of you currently own?
Steve: We're not an emo band
Brad: haha
Kevin: You're lying
Kevin: I know you have a stuffed bunny somewhere
Steve: We kick it Ted Nugent style dogg
Steve: We only have stuffed deer and moose
Steve: trophies
Steve: the Nuge
Aaron: Hi
Aaron: Sorry about that
Aaron: Telephones are my arch nemesis
Aaron: Second only to debt
Brad: Of course
Aaron: I don't have any stuffed animals at the moment
Aaron: I wish I did
Steve: Kevin please note that all discussion surrounding debt and its relation to the Aeffect is purely Brad driven
Aaron: Are you going to send me a stuffed platypus kevvy?
Aaron: I was in that National Geographic card club
Kevin: I could
Aaron: And they sent me cards of new animals with awesome facts every month
Aaron: To put in my 3-ring binder
Aaron: Man I was all about that stuff. I had wheels & wings too
Aaron: With the moller merlin 2000 the first actual prototype flying car


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