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Dec 03, 2001

Everyone knows punks have had a crush on guitars – not just guitars, but loud, furious guitars – for a long, long time, so is it surprising to find that punks are singing the praises of The Æffect's guitar-less neu-wave? Singer Aaron Feibus sure is.

"I actually am surprised at the amount of positive feedback we have been getting," he said. "I expected it to be more half and half, especially with the complete lack of guitars in a guitar-oriented community. To me, it's a telling sign that music listeners are bored with being fed the same stuff over and over again."

Feibus' assessment of the punk world's changing palate and appreciation of other styles of music may only be partially correct. There is a much more forgiving attitude toward change in the underground music community, as the rise of post-hardcore and emo-pop acts in the past few years, evidence. To say that such a mentality fuels the neu-wave resurgence that's pushed bands like The Æffect, The Faint and Milemarker into the limelight may be oversimplifying things. After all, dance-ready synths aren't exactly the freshest sound on the block.

"We've played music like this for years now and so have many other bands that we're sure to see rise to the surface soon," Fiebus said. "None of us are really doing anything that hasn't been done before."

Because The Æffect's debut EP, this year’s A Short Dream (read Averison’s review), came off a primarily punk imprint, Fueled By Ramen, the band's made its biggest impact upon the spikey-headed punks who usually frequent the label's