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Interview by Travis Angst of
July 31, 2002

punkbeat: ok...first off...we'll start out with some questions regarding the aeffect. i have the cd, i love it, but im wondering if you guys are coming out with anything new anytime soon.

aaron: yeah we're writing our full length right now as a matter of fact. id say we're about halfway through with the record. im glad you like what we've done so far.

punkbeat: yeah...can you give any information as to what the new stuff will be sounding like?

aaron: well... i'd say its a lot more upbeat and im playing guitar on the record which is a change for us. we're also experimenting with some real drums in combination with the electronic pads and we couldn't be happier with the sounds we're getting out of it all.

punkbeat: wow...that sounds very cool. do you guys often get good response at shows? seeing how the whole new new wave stuff has been getting more popular.

aaron: yeah it's starting to pick up quite a bit, actually. there aren't many bands like us as you probably know, so at first kids seemed a bit uncertain of what to think but the response is getting really good. the shows are a lot of fun now.

punkbeat: thats awesome. so tell me, what have you, personally, been listening to lately? i'd like to get a sample of your musical influence at this point.

aaron: well i just bought the newest depeche mode yesterday, but that's becuase the record shop didnt have archers of loaf "white trash heroes", nin "the downward spiral", tahiti 80 "puzzle", or komeda "what makes it go?"
last cd i got before that was grandaddy "the sophtware slump."

punkbeat: oh wow...i love that cd.

so tell me...who all is in the band...and what do you play?

aaron: well, i sing and play guitar, steve plays keyboards and sings, and brad plays drums and sings.

punkbeat: cool, just to get to know who we're talking to. so if anything, what would you like to accomplish with your music?

aaron: i cant speak for all of us, but i think just the music itself is the accomplishment for me. i think to see parts of the country or world ive never been to would be great. it feels like a great accomplishment just providing people everywhere with some form of entertainment. something enjoyable that makes them feel good. having the kids write us and tell us so is the best feeling in the world.

punkbeat: indeed. it's nice to see bands who actually care about what they are doing...not just in it for the popularity. so about fbr...are you guys excited for the months to come, and can you tell us what to expect?

aaron: yeah fbr has some cool stuff in store for the coming months. as you probably know the cadillac blindside cd is out the 28th of this month. and the stereo comes out the followiong month.

punkbeat: yes i do...and might i say i am super stoked for those

aaron: yeah i know. and then theres the pietasters record that we are putting out.

punkbeat: oh guys are putting that out?

aaron: and a few other things in store as well that youll find out about shortly. yeah im not sure of the release date but it is happening for sure.

punkbeat: tell me about fbr...exactly how d.i.y. is it? tell me about the nature of things.

aaron: fbr truly is a diy label. theres only a couple of full time employees, a handful of part timers and a few interns. we take care of everything in the day to day operations of the label. anything you can think of from promotions to retail calls, the street team, tour relations, mail order, bookkeeping. we're a busy bunch for sure.

punkbeat: hehe...i bet you are. so ive heard rumors that you've had some major labels sniffing around at a few of the bands on the roster. any truth to that?

aaron: yeah recover has had just about every major in the game interested in them, it's really no secret about that. i think i even saw it on buddyhead the other day. we get requests all the time at the label for bands like the stereo and cadillac blindside too. even us as the æffect have had our fair share of major label interest recently, and a few of them are talking to us.


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